フィリピの信徒への手紙 4章13節


Jesse Itzler is a wealthy American businessman.
He’s owns several companies, flies in private jets, and lives in a luxurious high-rise apartment in Manhattan, New York.
He also enjoys running.
One time, he did a 24-hour team marathon, where 4 people take turns running for 24 hours.
The team that runs the farthest wins.
At this race, he noticed there was a man who was running, but didn’t have a team.
This man ran the entire 24-hour race by himself.

Jesse thought to himself, “this man could be the most amazing man in the world, or the craziest man in the world.
Either way, I want to talk to him.”
After the race, Jesse went to him and they began to talk.
His name was David Goggins. He was a Navy Seal.
At the end of the conversation, Jesse said, “This might sound crazy, but I want to know why you do what you do. Will you live with me for a month?”
Goggins said, “If you’re crazy enough to ask, then I’m crazy enough to do it!
But there’s one condition.
You must do everything I say, OK?”
And it began. One month with Goggins – the Navy Seal.
Goggins’ rule was that they had to something every day that sucked.
One day, they did pull-ups.
“How many pull-ups can you do? Show me,” said Goggins.
Jesse did 4.
Goggins said, “Do it again.”
Jesse did two.
“Do it again!”
Jesse barely did one.
“What’s next?” said Jesse.
“Well, we’re not leaving this gym until you do 100.”
“100? That’s impossible,” Jesse said.
“Your problem is that you set low limitations for yourself. Get back on the bar!”
And Jesse did. One pull-up at a time, he finally did 100. His hands and arms had never hurt so much.
One day, they ran in the snow.
The weather forecast on the morning news says blizzard conditions, stay inside.
Goggins says, “Great day to go for a run in Central Park!”
Jesse and Goggins run 20km in the snow.
When they get back home, they go to a frozen lake nearby.
Goggins gets a boulder, breaks the ice and jumps in the water.
Then he points his finger at Jesse to get in.

Of course, Jesse jumps in too. They get out just before they get hypothermia.
One day, they ran 6km every 4 hours for 48 hours. 6km at 12:00am, 6km at 4:00am, 6km at 8:00am, 6km at 12:00pm and so on for 48 hours.
These challenges continued every day for 30 days.
It was hell for Jesse.
Running in the middle of winter with a weight vest.
Staying in a sauna with no water until you almost pass out.
50 pushups every 15 minutes for 16 hours, even during work and meetings.
After the first week, Jesse was ready to give up and tell Goggins to go home.
But as the days passed, he started to get used to it.
His muscles weren’t as sore, he was getting stronger, and waking up at 3am for a 20km run in the winter was actually a little “fun”.
At last, day 30 was over and Jesse went to bed.
When he woke up in the morning, the house was silent.
He went to Goggins’ room and he wasn’t there.
His stuff was gone.
There was a note. It just said, “Thanks”.
It was over.
Jesse crawled back into his warm bed expecting to feel relieved.
No more push-ups or pull-ups or runs in the snow.
But to his surprise, he felt sad that the adventure was over.
Looking back, Jesse says that was the best month of his life.
Remember, he’s rich.
He has enough money to buy anything and do anything he wants.
But being with Goggins for 30 days was the best month of his life?
Do you know why?
Everything we do can be placed into two groups – things that are comfortable and things that are uncomfortable.
Playing video games, sleeping, looking at TikTok for hours – comfortable.
Waking up early, studying, exercising – uncomfortable.
We all want to be happy and we think an easy life in which we only do things that are comfortable will lead to a happy life.
Unfortunately, that’s not how humans work.
Like Jesse, at first, he felt very uncomfortable waking up early and running and doing pushups and pullups, but eventually he got used to it.
His comfort level went up.
Things that used to be uncomfortable for him were now comfortable.
After 30 days with Goggins, Jesse said nothing in life was difficult.
He had never felt stronger and more confident in his entire life.
Running his businesses became easy.
So, the more difficult things you do, the more things become comfortable, then life feels easy.
The opposite is also true.
If you only do easy things, like sleeping, playing video games, and looking at your phone; things that should be comfortable like getting out of bed, reading a book, and going for a walk, become uncomfortable.
Eventually, everything you do makes you feel uncomfortable.
Do you think this will lead to happiness?
It’s the exact opposite.
It will lead to unhappiness.
So, this winter, I encourage you to try to do something that makes you uncomfortable.
You don’t have to run 20km in the snow then go swim in a frozen lake.
But if you are crazy enough to do so, ask me to do it with you.
I might be crazy enough to say yes!