About Keiwa
          Surrounded by fields and pinewoods, Keiwa Gakuen High School is located at the edge of Niigata City near the Japan Sea.  The high school was founded in 1968 by local churches of the United Church of Christ in Japan.  Since the innovative leadership of the first principal, Rev. Toshio Ota, Keiwa has provided education based on respect for God and love for people in a Christian environment.  Keiwa students come from the Niigata area and throughout Japan.  Four dormitories are home for more than a quarter of Keiwafs 600 students, while other students commute by school bus or bicycle.
          Keiwa has always been a place for students to pursue their hopes and dreams.  Teachers and students work closely in both academic endeavors and rosaku, the physical labor class.  Saturday classes offer new opportunities for experiencing activities such as soccer, English films and flower arrangement.  There are many international opportunities available to students ranging from a few weeks to a year of exchange study abroad.  Many activities and the annual festival offer students and teachers the chance to develop warm relationships, which further facilitate studentsf growth.